Fixing stuff around youeself

Kamran Zahid
2 min readApr 3, 2021

Today i was sitting free in my tent suddenly i feel something wrong in my surroundings. i noticed that there is a table in front of me that need to be clean or maintained.

Table Before Fix/Maintain

This table was in the center of my tent, i noticed that table containing extra items and everything on it was scattered so i decided to Maintain it.

Table after Maintaining

I picked up extra things from the table and put the junk in the trash, after that i cleaned the table thoroughly and also changed the location and placed the table on the of the tent.

I felt great after cleaning the table and the location changing idea was superb.

I feel a positive change in me after cleaning the object.

now i decided that every Sunday i will fixing or maintaining minimum one thing in my tent.

This activity was superb and i really enjoyed a lot while doing this , i want to thanks those who changed my mind .