Kamran Zahid
2 min readJun 4, 2021


As the amazing journey of my Amal Fellowship is going to end soon, I am writing this blog to tell you about the positive reflections of Amal Academy.

What is Amal Academy? Well, it is a place to help you to reshape your thoughts and convert them into actionable plans. It is like a family where everyone encourages you to grow professionally. This fellowship helps you to be yourself and be confident.

During this fellowship journey, you go through various worthy Project Works which change the way you think and change your perspective about your goal. But the thing which groomed me professionally was the live sessions as you are encouraged to speak freely without any fear of judgement and everyone encourages and urges you to speak and your words are being appreciated.

The energy which is high in me had a great impact on others. Like I used to say that whoever feels any problem at any time, don’t worry, I will help you. This saying of mine increases positivity and productivity in my team members

The thing which I did differently was that I didn’t lose hope even when I was given that task which I don’t know how to do. But with positive thinking, I did it in a shorter time.